Kooka - the future of mobility

Kooka gets its name from the famous Australian bird; the Kookaburra. Known for their social nature, agility and swiftness the Kookaburra is the perfect inspiration for a revolutionary new form of airborne transportation.

By leveraging our proprietary designs and cutting-edge IP,  we will collaborate with our established & innovative propulsion and energy storage partners to enable close-quarters, autonomous, VTOL transport. Our vehicle design reduces operating cost by improving energy efficiency and reducing physical footprint, and our paradigm breaking network-based flight scheduling and control software improves safety and enables scaling of Kooka to a city of any size. 

Kooka will adopt a world first fly-share network, allowing users and conglomerates to share the capital cost of developing the infrastructure, deliver ground breaking operational efficiency, and enabling a market leading price point. Our innovative operating model builds on the foundations of our team and technology to build the next generation of automated air transport, ready to scale for maximum growth.

We maintain a first commercial passenger flight timeline by 2020.