Our Vision

We believe in innovation through collaboration, and by connecting the best minds with the latest technology, we will revolutionise metropolitan mobility. Our vision is of a future where the flow of goods and human capital isn’t limited by geography or infrastructure, but enabled by technology.

Our Mission

We will disrupt the urban transportation model by using technology to develop the hardware and information technology infrastructure necessary to deliver an operating fleet of crowd-shared autonomous airborne vehicles, to move people and goods across our cities, by 2020.

The Kooka Road map to Market

October 2015
Conceptualisation of the fundamental components of Kooka.

January - December 2016
Proprietary drone design & development. The team built a number of different VTOL drone designs to test what could be feasible and to learn drone control technology.

January - April 2017
Team assembly. Over 15 specialists in a variety of fields partnered to create the Kooka team. 

The team also continue to build out drone technology, especially in advanced sensor and control architectures.